A Bright Future for EldoS Products

/n software has acquired all of EldoS Corporation’s products and has formed three new product lines, each carefully designed to best serve you.

A new /n software product

SecureBlackbox v16

Software components for data protection, secure storage, and secure transfer. SecureBlackbox v16 recently released.

SFTP Net Drive
A new /n software product

SFTP Net Drive 2017

Utility for mapping remote file systems as local virtual drives via SFTP.FREE for personal use. Commercial Licenses and support are also available.

Callback Technologies
A New Company

CBFS® Product Family

New products that replace Callback File System, Callback Filter, Callback Disk, Callback Registry, Callback Process, Solid File System, RawDisk, and MsgConnect.


/n software, the leading provider of professional Internet development tools and components, has acquired the IP related to EldoS Corporation’s products with the goal of continuing to provide the strongest technology for low-level data protection, storage, and virtualization. Since the EldoS and /n software portfolios are highly complementary, the shared technology and engineering experience will result in the best possible technology and service for developers working in any platform or technology.

/n software has worked closely with EldoS engineers and customers to determine a model that will best serve users, position the product lines for growth, and ensure easy transitions. The result is three separate product lines, each with its own focused website.

  • SecureBlackbox is an independent /n software product line retaining the same API as the previous EldoS SecureBlackbox versions in order to make upgrades and migration easy. The original SecureBlackbox team is still behind the new product, working together with the /n software IP*Works! team, collaborating, and learning from each other. This collaboration will result in many new releases.
  • Callback Technologies, Inc. has been formed to serve users of the EldoS Callback software product line. This new company has retained the IP for Callback File System along with Callback Filter, Callback Disk, Callback Registry, Callback Process, Solid File System, RawDisk, and MsgConnect. These products have been upgraded and replaced with the Callback Technologies CBFS® product line. Similar to SecureBlackbox, Callback Technologies engineers have retained the same API to make migration easy.
  • SFTP Net Drive is also an independent /n software product line. /n software offers it free of charge for personal use in order to give the community a safe, trusted remote file system mapping utility as an alternative to open source solutions that can be dangerous due to lack of developer skill or malicious intent. Commercial Licenses and professional support are also available.

All of us at /n software are very excited about the bright future for these products and we look forward to working with you.

Note that EldoS BizCrypto and EDIBlackbox have been retired. Since /n software BizTalk Adapters and EDI Integrator have larger feature sets and are actively developed and supported, it is recommended that users of BizCrypto and EDI BlackBox migrate to these products.